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The Association of Mobile and Portable Sanitation Africa

Expanding and Promoting the Mobile and Portable Sanitation Industry


The Association of Mobile and Portable Sanitation Africa sets hygiene standards and promotes our industry. We explore new technologies and best practices and learn from the rest of the world, to improve the health and dignity of our customers and staff.


Every year we hold our Portable & Mobile Sanitation Conference where we get feedback from our leaders, including various government departments adding value to our members. 

The 2023 conference was held on the 18th of May at Irene Country Club (Pretoria). We had 53 delegates attend and the international speakers and local speakers including the DWS delivered great insights into our growing industry.


With the support the association received and the corporate sponsors that made all this possible, we believe the association is well on its way to making progress in the Sanitation Industry. 

The Cape Town (WC) Conference was held on the 23rd of August 2023 at the Old Biscuit Mill with 34 delegates attending. Our newly elected Chairman was also present. Zewli Ndhlovu. Thanks to Paolo Lupini for managing this successful event. 

For Minutes Of The Meeting Click Here

Click Here For The DWS Presentation 23rd August 2023

The board is planning the next conference and setting up the 2024 budget and corporate structures with accountants, Brown & Ferguson


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